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Community services are examples of social measures to prevent crime. They are non-profit associations that help the person who has committed a crime to alert him to the harm he has caused, so that he becomes aware of his actions and does not become a delinquent again. For its intervention to be effective, as an example of restorative justice, the service must focus on the damage and the ability to repair it, rather than on possible sanctions. Examples of procedural justice in construction tendering procedures can also be described in detail. The legislation sets out the requirements and timelines that bidders or bidders must meet to participate in the process and decide to award the project. One of the main examples of equal social justice is the right of people to health. To do this, the State must establish the necessary public policies that allow all persons to receive medical assistance without distinction to ensure maintenance and health care. Education is one of the fundamental values of societies. One of the most important cases of social justice is the possibility of access to education, which allows the development of intellectual capacities and academic preparation of citizens. It is also represented by the statue of justice, inspired by the Greek goddess Themis, symbolizing order, oaths, justice and fairness. The values of equality, equality and justice can be observed daily in everyday life. With simple measures, the rights of others can be respected and contribute to a more just, just and inclusive society. Not using privileges or meeting deadlines can be an example of day-to-day justice and an example of social or community affairs.

Procedural justice theory can be applied to different environments, such as industrial relations or educational environments. Procedural situations are associated with fair conduct in administrative decision-making during the procedure itself and not in the decision itself. Social justice is the recognition, defence and protection of the rights and duties of citizens without distinction of status. It strives to ensure equal opportunities for citizens on the basis of inclusion laws. Here are some examples of social justice that will make you smile: In the United States and Canada, pacification circles are very common as tools and cases of restorative justice. The objective of these programmes is to promote a cohesive community capable of dealing with and resolving the conflicts of its members in a peaceful and reciprocal manner. The process is carried out taking into account the opinion of all parties involved in order to find an amicable solution that represents a remedy for both the offended and the aggressor. „Distributive Justice”. Author: Publisher, Summer.

From: Argentina. Pros: Concepto.de. Available in: concepto.de/justicia-distributiva/. This item was last modified on August 5, 2021. Accessed: September 20, 2022 People who practice the value of justice live by principles that point to high morality and the consolidation of ethical norms. These are some of the qualities associated with these individuals: justice is one`s idea of the common good that seeks the best for all. It is also understood as the standard that gives everyone what they deserve. For example: a worker in a company works overtime every day and his employer pays him with more salary.

Poverty and the constant violation of people`s rights endanger social coexistence, which is based on order and equality. Unfortunately, the existence of a Magna Carta on human rights does not guarantee its access. Here, the existence of social justice takes on its full meaning, and it is necessary to create effective mechanisms that ensure that all peoples can exercise their rights, develop with dignity and thus societies prosper. „To be wrong is by people, to correct is by the wise,” says a famous proverb. No one is immune to making mistakes and making mistakes. When people acknowledge their mistakes and apologize for them, they show respect and empathy for the feelings and rights of others. Therefore, the excuse when a mistake has been made is one of the best examples of justice in the family or in the workplace. Many people in the world have to leave their country, forced by extreme poverty or persecution of all kinds (political, sexual, religious, etc.). International organizations develop support plans to facilitate the transit and integration of refugees in host countries. This is the case, for example, of UNHCR, a non-governmental organization that has scholarship plans for the training of refugees. Education is a form of social integration and the promotion of equality.

Here are some simple examples of the application of distributive justice: Justice is also called a set of norms and rules that form the appropriate environment for coexistence between people and institutions. Social justice is based on four pillars, namely the defence of human rights, equality, equal access and participation for all. If you ask yourself, „Are all my rights important to living with justice and equality?” The answer is yes. Below are examples and stories for defending social and egalitarian justice. Social justice refers to a balanced distribution of goods within a community so that there is equal opportunity for each individual. This concept emerged in the nineteenth century with the advent of capitalist societies in which the demand for labor and social unrest increased. For example, justice is done when one person physically attacks another and must be imprisoned by the judge. Even if someone commits a traffic violation and has to pay a fine as a penalty. As consumers, we can support and support the growth and development of local community businesses. This is another way justice is applied in everyday life.

The purchase of products from small and local businesses promotes the ownership and development of minorities and independent traders. I want 10 examples of justice as well as this: it is true that people have the same rights and duties. Ensuring fair, dignified and adequate remuneration for the work done is another example of social justice in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Local laws stipulate that workers receive a wage that guarantees access to basic commodities and a dignified life. Justice is one of the fundamental values of man, through which it is sought that every human being receives what belongs to him, whatever his conditions, which implies full recognition and respect for human rights.

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